Live simulation of real racing using 3D animation powered by exchange data. Covers UK and Irish racing from just 5p per stream* and incorporates our 3D Paddock and Predictor products. Delivered as live streamed video for simple integration. As seen on Sky Bet, Ladbrokes and Coral. (*Negotiable for high volumes of streams.)

So often the best inventions evolve through a collective desire to solve a problem rather than through the contemporary “death by focus group” approach. The Live Simulator is one such example.

Faced with a need to replace the live video of races with something to illustrate to their customers how their bets were doing in-running Coral approached us to work through what the options were.

We could use GPS tracking to power a 3D live simulation of the race. OK. So we built a 3D live simulation based on GPS tracking, only for the rights holders to withdraw the tracking data. What if we replicate the GPS tracking data by collecting positioning data visually in real-time? OK. So we built a live simulation powered by visually collected positioning data. Only for the rights holders to suggest it infringed their rights. OK. What if we power the simulation based on moves in the in-running market to edit in real-time our pre-race simulation of the race? Will that work? Think so. Give it a go. So we did and it does. Actually, it often predicts what is about to happen because the nuances picked up by the in-running market can be translated into a visualisation of what is about to happen to a horse and usually does.

Necessity the mother of invention.