The Racing App, available for iOS and Android, was built as a showcase for our skills – design, technical, predictive analytics and horseracing.

Thoughtful design ensures it is not only intuitive, but aesthetically pleasing and embraces most of the app design guidelines proposed by Apple and Google. No struggling with fat fingers to tap tiny text that you can just read when squinting.

Technically, the app incorporates a seamless integration with the Coral betting API delivering live pricing to the app, one-click bet placement and account registration and management. Live streamed and pre-recorded video is also present within the app, notably through our class leading race simulations.

Throughout, the app is littered with unique predictive analytics. From our Supercomputer Coefficients for each horse, proven as one of the most effective “every race” tipping services over the last two years, to speed:stamina ratios derived from the equinome research into the equine genome to jockey and trainer ratings and our wholly computerised handicap.

From time to time we revisit the app to add in our latest innovations and with very little promotion it has acquired a growing pool of 20,000 frequent users.